lynn coleman

Lynn Coleman, a Denver native, has been a professional photographer for over 20 years with many gallery showings. Her work has been published in The Christian Science Monitor and other publications. She is also a real estate agent working in the Denver metropolitan area. Lynn has a Bachelor of Arts from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a focus on art history.

Lynn Coleman

I took the pictures to share a different way of seeing Denver. I always find new angles and notice the way light transforms buildings. I have been finding simple compositions that are not manipulated or digital for over 20 years and love the sense of discovery. It is a joyful experience. Like being given a gift of "found art". It is an adventure to capture what I see and the images take me to a place of excitement and laughter. I strive to find compositions that are simple and beautiful.

The goal of the cards is to share what I see with others.

  • To have fun
  • To give back
  • To learn
  • To discover

The original idea was to do a book or calendar. However, a postcard series was a less expensive way to share what I have found with my friends. It gave me a way to give back what I was given. A way for my friends to explore and discover Denver with a new perspective.

Details of Denver started as a game of discovery. My friends received a monthly postcard with a "Detail" they could discover. It was a small surprise every month. It grew beyond a circle of friends to a group of people who would look forward to their "Detail" postcard each month. After three years, there is a loyal following of folks who have a new way of seeing Denver. They called to let me know about new "Details" they had discovered. In turn they have started to learn more about architecture and art. This greeting card series evolved from a simple game of disocvery. A game of noticing the importance of small things like light and shape. A game of finding and sharing a different perspective.