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Pam Pressel Pam Pressel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capabilities, has developed her expertise in management and business over the course of 30 years in health and homecare services. Her experiences as an entrepreneur began as a founding partner in a certified homecare agency. She started Partners in Colorado, expanded to Tennessee, and eventually sold the business to the founders of Hospital Corp. of America. She most recently held the role of General Manager of Pathways Homecare in Aurora, having shepherded the concept of a retail store for the disabled through its development and construction of the 12,000 sq. ft. location. She provided leadership of the retail, inventory and service teams through five successful years. It is this rich background and recent experience that fuels the concept for Capabilities. Pam holds a B.S. in Business. Pam serves as the vice president of the board for Washington Park Cares, and is a board member of the Rocky Mountain Stroke Association, the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Colorado Talking Book Library. When she has a minute, Pam weaves on a four harness loom, creating fabric of all types. She has a lot of practice with baby blankets... for those five grandchildren!

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