Alpharetta's Mansell House.


I sit with people, not disease or dysfunction. I am reluctant to diagnose and quick to hope. All the licenses and training and conferences, all the books and supervision by other professionals and especially my previous clients over the past 7 years have prepared me to better serve you, but they have not made me an expert on your life. I listen to your story and we explore what you want your narrative to become, and then I do my best to be a catalyst for change and a mindful mirror in this next exciting step.

Eclectic is the nice term for my approach, but it could be called "hodge podge" or "whatever works" as well. The names of the theories I draw from are cognitive-behavioral, existential, psychodynamic, neuropsychology and I constantly try to improve and deepen my understanding of these and other theories of therapy. I think it is as important to smile and laugh in therapy as it is to cry and feel sad, and believe we grow from both. I am not a quiet, blank slate and sessions can be quite lively. Almost all of us can achieve happiness and fulfillment in our lives, and I enjoy helping others find their way to their definition of the good things that life has to offer.