Edward Anderson, a therapist based in Cumming, GA.If you are looking at this website, you are likely looking for answers, either for yourself or someone you care about. For the past 7 years, I have helped many people find their answers and I hope you will give me the opportunity to be a part of your journey, too. Please take a few minutes to look around on this site; it is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of therapist.

As a brief introduction, I am practiced in a variety of therapeutic modes, such as individual, group, and couples counseling; I see your change process as being as unique as you are and have strived to add techniques and interventions that help me to tailor your experience to you. Some early elements that are common in my approach are: to identify what you want to change; to gather information and plan possible approaches to reach your goals; and to encourage change toward the goals you set. We collaborate, and you are in charge of your therapy.