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Curriculum & Performance Based Instruction


Level 1 & 2 Beginner: Climbing, single and double foot locks, and elegant poses.
Level 3 & 4 Intermediate: routine development incorporating more complex locks, poses
and simple drops.
Level 5 to 8 Advanced: Refinement of skills and routine development incorporating advanced wraps, trick combinations, and drops.

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Consultant Services:
Aerial silks workshops with curriculum that incorporates specific conditioning skills from Pilates, Dance,Gymnastics, and Feldenkrais.

Curriculum Overview:
Level One includes conditioning specific to climbing, single foot lock, and simple poses to form the basis of a beginning routine. Level Two builds on the skills introduced in Level One. Conditioning is tailored to the double foot lock, straddle back balance, upside down arabesque, hip key, and descent. Level Three uses the skills and conditioning from Levels One and Two to form the basis for all large drops, more complex wraps and poses. Introduces hip and core rotation for the hip key spin, double splits wrap, upside down arabesque drop, and the ankle hang.

Each workshop will have a curriculum hand out.
The curriculum has been effective in bringing success to all skill levels, and to all participants regardless of previous acrobatic or gymnastic experience. And they have fun!

The initial workshop will only be level one, Second workshop will present level one and level two curriculum, and Third workshop will present level one if necessary, level two, and level three. More advanced workshops can be arranged.

Additional aerial equipment can be rented and rigged for workshops. Aerial Fabric will supply equipment for rental and rigging of the additional equipment.

Marketing: Host of workshop is responsible for marketing workshops.

Space: Host of workshop is responsible for space rental.

Fees: Host is responsible for collecting fees for workshops.

Insurance: Aerial Fabric Acrobatics carries insurance for all workshops. Host will be responsible for insurance coverage after the first workshop. However, to qualify for insurance with the insurance carrier used by Aerial Fabric, host must agree to follow the curriculum guidelines as presented in the workshops and all safety guidelines.

Phone and email services: Aerial Fabric can provide consultation to clients for marketing, structure of program, insurance, performance, and equipment needs on an hourly basis.

Cost of Services:
Curriculum Hand out: $150 for each level of curriculum Instruction $75 per hour for a minimum of four sessions two hours: $600 Travel expenses and accommodation to be covered by host of workshop Rigging and Rental of aerial equipment: $100 for each fabric. $100 for rigging of extra fabrics.

Phone and email support and consultation: $75 per hour

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