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About Us

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics is a performance and teaching company, founded in 2002 focusing on aerial fabric, hoop, static and bungee trapeze. We offer classes at Dardano's School of Gymnastics. Our performance company currently performs weekly at The Church nightclub, and monthly at Nine10 Arts gallery, both in Denver. We have talented performers available for all types of events, providing exciting entertainment.

Our curriculum is sequential with nine levels of accomplishment from beginner to performer. Our approach incorporates movement principals and skills from Pilates, Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, and Feldenkrais. It has been effective in bringing success to all skill levels, and to all participants regardless of previous acrobatic experience.

In addition to the classes offered at our 2 locations in Denver, we specialize in designing workshops for out of town groups. We have taught workshops in Castle Rock, CO, Kansas City, MO, Sioux Falls, SD, and internationally at Club Med resorts in Thailand and Bali.

We welcome those who wish to become part of our growing teaching and performance team. The company carries insurance for students and performers. Our goal is to provide fun for students, performers and our audiences!


Lynn Coleman

Lynn Coleman founded Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, LLC in 2002 as a training and performance company. As manager, she has trained over 80 young artists for many venues including the Pepsi Center in Denver, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, local art galleries and nightclubs. She has held workshops in Thailand, Bali, Kansas City, MO, Sioux Falls, SD, Castle Rock, CO, and Denver, CO. Lynn began performing at age three doing a hand-balancing act with her father. At age 10, she and her family joined Holiday on Ice and toured Europe performing for three years. She spent her teens and twenties coaching gymnastics and downhill skiing. Lynn re-discovered her love for circus arts in 1992, when she started doing flying trapeze. In 1999, she founded a trapeze and aerial acrobatic school, Thin Air Trapeze, Inc. with her father and other trapeze enthusiasts. Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, evolved from Thin Air Trapeze as a performance group. Most recently, Lynn performed bungee trapeze at The Church nightclub and has performed flying trapeze in the Shrine Circus. She has a BA in Inter Agency Development and Leadership from Metropolitan State College of Denver.


Tanya Hamermesh

Tanya has been training, performing, and teaching aerial fabric and hoop since 2002. She has trained with Aircat Aerial Arts in Boulder, The Circus Space in London, Hollywood Aerial Arts in Los Angeles, and with Serenity Smith of the New England Center for Circus Arts. She has performed at numerous venues in Colorado, and internationally. She was a competitive swimmer into college, swimming for summer leagues, her varsity high school team, and the Colorado Rapids Swim Team. She is also a trained dancer in the styles of tap, ballet and modern, training with Gwen Bowen School of Dance Arts, Colorado Ballet, Academy of Classical Ballet, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance. She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Denver. When she's not teaching or performing aerial, she enjoys dancing, playing the piano, photography, reading, and watching Project Runway.


Grace Ramsey

Grace Ramsey started training in Aerial Fabric at age 18. After ten years of contemporary and hip-hop dance training, she gravitated to Aerial Dance and has never looked back. She started performing semi-professionally in and around the Denver area in October 2010. She started teaching at Aerial Fabric Acrobatics around the same time. She is booked regularly at the Church Nightclub in downtown Denver. Grace puts emphasis on performance and showmanship because she wants an aerial experience to be shared between her and the audience. She aims to not only impress, but to inspire her audiences. She looks to the future and hopes to find herself under the big top.







Eric Pung

Eric has trained as an aerialist with Aerial Fabric Acrobatics since March 2009. In addition Eric is a gymnast, training at Dardano's School of Gymnastics since he was 2 years old. He competed through high school at the national level. His gymnastics career was cut short after being diagnosed with cancer in his senior year of high school. After going through 4 rounds of chemotherapy, Eric found Aerial Fabric Acrobatics and began training to regain his strength and flexibility. He works as a gymnastics coach at Dardano's School of Gymnastics, and is pursuing a degree in animation from the University of Colorado at Denver. Eric loves to draw and dance when not teaching, performing, or studying.






Jill Katzenberger

Jill Katzenberger has been studying aerial dance for three years and has been performing at various Colorado venues for the past year. She does not have a background in dance or gymnastics but she exemplifies the fact that anyone can excel at aerial with practice and dedication. Jill has always been an athlete, running marathons and competing in triathlons. In what feels like a past life, Jill received a scholarship to play Division I tennis at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Though competition is in her blood, Jill fell in love with aerial because her focus wasn't on beating an opponent or being better than anyone else, but on challenging herself with each new skill and learning how to express herself through this unique art form. Jill also teaches and develops science and cultural education programs at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She loves working with both kids and adults and understands the varying ways in which people learn.



Lani Gorden

Lani has been passionate about the art of expression through movement since she came into this world. She has a background in many forms of dance including Modern, Middle Eastern, and Fire Dancing. Her passion for aerial dance began in northern California where she trained with Circus Mecca. Since then, she has performed with many groups including Future Simple Project, Las Estrallas, Aircat Aerial, and Nadis Warriors She teaches for Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, and Shiny Mountain Waldorf School. Lani loves inspiring others to find expression and liberation through movement and sees the art that she does as an ecstatic celebration for life.






Liz Smith

Liz fell in love with aerial fabric at a traveling circus. Since 2007, she has been enthusiastically studying and performing on aerial silks. Liz especially enjoys the expressive and kinesthetic aspects of aerial dance. She brings a unique perspective to her teaching by combining technical knowledge with the expressiveness of dance. Liz works as a software engineer, plays the flute, travels, studies languages, and spends as much time as possible with her family and friends enjoying lovely Colorado.







Brittany Orten

Brittany began Aerial Dance in 2009.  She specialized in aerial Lyra, hoop but still enjoys fabric and hammock.  Her greatest skill is as a teacher.  She is a certified teacher and loves any opportunity to share her knowledge and techniques with others. She works as a Homebound Teacher, visiting students that are too ill to go to school and keeping them on track with their education.  Brittany spends a lot of time with her family.  Her mother, Pam age 51, and sister, Kelsey age 26, also enjoy Aerial Dancing with Aerial Fabric Acrobatics.







exercise physiology

Rose Silberman is a terrific resource for us in developing exercise conditioning and in the creation of our curriculum. She teaches Pilates, Gyrotonics and the Feldenkrais Method in Denver, CO.



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