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Aerial Fabric Acrobatics


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Founded in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. We sell the equipment you need to do Aerial Dance. We offer Aerial Silks, Hardware for Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammocks, Suspension Yoga, Aerial Silks Portable Stands for use with Yoga Hammock, Static and Bungee Trapeze, Lyra, and Aerial Silks.

We offer Aerial Classes on silks, aerial hammock, aerial hoop, bungee trapeze, static trapeze, and Aerial Fitness at Dardano's School of Gymnastics.

We perform weekly aerial acrobatics shows at The Church Seven Candles and offer Aerial Dance performances every month at 910 Art Gallery for First Friday Art Walk. We have talented performers available for all types of events, providing exciting entertainment.

In addition to the classes offered in Denver, we specialize in designing workshops for out of town groups.

Student shows are offered four times a year. Our students have also performed at the art gallery, or have been accepted to circuses, or circus schools such as NICA in Australia.Cirque du Soleil, has inspired many who want to learn and perform the art of Aerial Dancing on fabric, which is sometimes called Tissu, aerial silks, aerial scarves, and even aerial curtains.

Our goal is to provide fun for students, performers and our audiences.


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